Compliance Management

Compliance managementCompliance Management

Enterprises operating in India need to understand statutory compliance and always eager to stay out of legal issues. Whether it is statutory compliance or Labour law compliance, progressive and bottom-line focused managements understand that any form of compliance should be viewed as a dynamic item of cost, rather than a passive charge on the profits. A superior operational finesse is needed to achieve this goal.


For any enterprise wanting to meet their bottom lines with minimally invasive resources, outsourcing compliance may become the key to success.

Payroll Café is your solution expert for all your compliance with law. We offer Compliance Management related to statutory laws and acts and that enable the corporate associates to focus on their business while ensuring them to be law abiding entities.

We take care of all aspects of statutory compliances from obtaining the license to handling inspections by government officials. Maintaining the registers, records and filing returns along with due payments will be taken care of. We also facilitate the client to obtain the necessary exemptions for un-interrupted and hassle-free operations. We will apprise the client of any changes in the legislations for appropriate and timely actions to ensure complete compliances.