HR Shared Services

HR Shared ServicesHR Shared Services

The mission of payroll Café in the domain of HR Shared Services is to provide employees of client organizations with cost-effective, high quality, timely and efficient services. We achieve these multi-dimensional goals by service offerings strengthened by in-house technology, supported successfully by our extensive understanding of Human Resources function. Research suggests the following compelling reasons why companies should consider Shared Services in their HR organizations.

  • Most companies report 21 percent to 80 percent savings by switching their HR      delivery mechanism to shared services.
  • HR SSC helps in delivering a consistent service experience to employees with huge reduction in errors even when multiple vendors are involved as is most often the case
  • HR SSC allows to sustain a consistent set of HR practices across an enterprise which are derived and continuously improved on basis of industry benchmarking
  • Enabling HR professionals to focus on strategic support of the organization instead of being bogged down with routine administrative requests provides even more benefits
  • As companies devise human capital management (HCM) strategies to give them a competitive edge in hiring, training and deploying employees to meet business goals, HR shared services has entered an era of increased relevance and value.